2023-2024 Conference Climate & Harassment Survey
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2023-2024 Conference Climate & Harassment Survey
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All In is an open-source community whose mission is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within the tech industry through access, community, equity, and data. Currently, the community is supporting an initiative to examine behaviors at computer science research conferences that might create a non-inclusive environment in the research community. 

The purpose is to bring awareness to existing behaviors and provide data to shape education, future programming, and interventions, such as codes of conduct, to help create a more inclusive and safe environment for those attending computer science academic conferences.
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This survey will take 20 minutes or less. We will create an anonymized data set from survey results.

Anyone participating in computer science research conferences, from paper submission, through reviews and attendance, are welcome to participate in the survey. Whether you’re new to research or a long-time conference attendee, we want to hear from you!
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Questions in this survey are drawn from the work of:
2021 Open Source DEI SurveyAll InCHAOSS ProjectNIH Workplace Climate and Harassment SurveySexual Experience Questionnaire
Thank you
All In and our partners are grateful for the contributions of the following dedicated group of individuals, all of whom have contributed their time and talents toward the development of this survey.
Irene Zhang, Microsoft Research
Pantea Zardoshti, Microsoft Research
Daphne Yao, Virginia Tech
Neeraja J. Yadwadkar, the University of Texas at Austin
Sharon Wang, University of Washington
Anita Sarma, Oregon State University/CHAOSS
Elissa Redmiles, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Sarah Oyetubo, GitHub/All In
Dan Ports, Microsoft Research
Jacob Nelson, Microsoft Research
Hank Levy, University of Washington, Google
Celine Irvine, Microsoft Research
Emma Irwin, Microsoft Open Source Programs Office
Sandy Irani, University of California, Irvine/Safe ToC
Sean Goggins, University of Missouri/CHAOSS
Matt Germonprez, University of Nebraska Omaha/CHAOSS
Johannes Gehrke, Microsoft Research
Elba Garza, Texas A&M University
Danita C. Doleman, SEAS Community Partners
Dan Crankshaw, Microsoft Research
Esha Chouske, Microsoft Research
Erin Wolf Chambers, Saint Louis University/Safe ToC
Demetris Cheatham, GitHub/All In
Ricardo Bianchini, Microsoft
Cathy Bergman, USENIX
Daniel Berger, Microsoft Research
Leilani Battle, University of Washington
Elizabeth Barron, CHAOSS
Sujata Banerjee, VMWare
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