2022 Conference Climate & Harassment Survey
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Privacy, Survey Responses Use, and Access Policy 
Questions in the 2022 Conference Climate and Harassment Survey (Survey) are optional and entirely voluntary. There is potential sensitivity of the Survey questions related to demographics, inclusion, and behaviors experienced at computer science academic conferences. The anonymity of respondents is critical—both to ensure that participants are comfortable in responding and in consideration of responsibilities that can arise if sensitive data is attached to an identifiable person.

Data collected during this Survey will remain secure and anonymous per the data privacy regulations outlined in the associated submission to the University of Missouri’s Institutional Review Board. This Survey uses cookies, but only to prevent duplicate replies. Any data analysis will be done in aggregate and will not include any information used to identify a particular individual.

All In will use SurveyMonkey to administer this Survey and use the features of the platform that remove the connection between any personally identifiable information and an individual’s responses. We aim not to collect any personally-identifying information and will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all respondents. Please do not include details that could reasonably identify you or any other person in text responses. Comments and feedback on this policy should be sent to csclimatesurvey@gmail.com.
If you have questions regarding this survey, please email us at